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Receiving Stock Donations at Your Nonprofit 

A 1-hour presentation on the steps necessary to prepare your nonprofit to promote, receive, and steward donations of stocks or securities. In this video, you will learn…
  • What is a stock donation? How does it work?
  • What steps your nonprofit should take to be ready to receive stock donations?
  • Which donors are most likely to give gifts of stock?
  • How to promote stock donations
  • How to provide appropriate gift receipts for stock donations
View the presentation on our Youtube channel or download the powerpoint by clicking here.
View it here!

For a sample stock instruction sheet, click here.

For a sample stock gift receipt, click here.

Making Ends Meet: Surviving Fundraising at a Small Nonprofit

A free workshop designed to help your nonprofit improve on locating and landing major gifts.

Our founder William Myatt will tell you how to:

• Find donors who will support your mission
• Write appeals that motivate giving
• Create a sustainable major gift pipeline
•Build plans that build trust among board members

To view the slides, click here.

One Visit Away ft. Bill Myatt

Last October, Bill was interviewed by his friend and colleague Kevin Fitzpatrick on Kevin’s podcast One Visit Away. Check it out to hear some hilarious stories about apple pie, spilled chardonnay, and successful closing of several 6-figure gifts.

Listen here!

The Datafication of Fundraising

In this brief essay, we summarize three reasons why data is vital for the success of your fundraising efforts. If nonprofit leaders hope to remain effective in our data-driven world, they must do the work of integrating data into their fundraising strategies and in the overall strategic direction of the organizations they lead.

Read it here!

Finding the Donors You Already Have

The best donors show affinity with your nonprofit, have concerns similar to those of your nonprofit, have capacity to make a large gift, and are likely to give now. But you need not search far and wide for such donors. Many times, you already have plenty of donor information in your database.

Read it here!