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Making Ends Meet: Surviving Fundraising at a Small Nonprofit

How many times have you been there?
It’s the week before a board meeting, the next fiscal year is just around the corner, and your chairperson asks you to present a fundraising plan that will meet your revenue needs.
What do you do? Where do you start?
In this 1-hour webinar, I will walk you through the basics of how to raise money at a small nonprofit.
Fundraising is not easy. But it’s not exactly rocket science either.
Successful fundraisers don’t simply wave a magic wand and make money appear.
They follow simple practices that, when carried out systematically over a sustained period of time, create real revenue for your organization.
In this 1-hour workshop, we’ll cover these topics:
  • Finding donors who will support your mission
  • Writing appeals that motivate giving
  • Creating a sustainable major gift pipeline
  • Building plans that build trust among board members