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Many of today’s giving platforms are good systems. They engage donors using a good rhythm, and they utilize data well. But the temptation they present – the habit they allow you to fall into – is to turn human donors into de-humanized data points. Not only does this raise a number of ethical questions. It doesn’t work.

Leaning too heavily on automated platforms keeps you from engaging in the most important major gift fundraising strategy: building authentic relationships.

Our goal at Major Gift Solutions is to help you remember that donors are people. They are subjects, not objects.

In traditional major gift fundraising terminology, you find that the donor is transformed into a project:

Qualify the donor.
Cultivate the donor.
Solicit the donor.
Steward the donor.

Literally objects of verbs.

But the picture this process paints is incomplete. A major gift donor should not be treated like a step on your journey toward success.

Donors are active. They give. They participate. They are partners in your shared work, and they have real needs that, when addressed, empower a deep sense of fulfillment and connection.

Fundraising leaders who know this tap into a well of abundance that can unlock giving potential. Donors who are connected to your mission want to give to your mission. Although careful data analysis and a detailed plan for donor outreach are vital for a major gift program’s success, at the end of the day major gift donors respond to a relationship. They respond best to direct attention, carried out through personal interaction and direct cultivation developed over a lengthy period of time, usually anywhere from 12 to 24 months, sometimes more.

At Major Gift Solutions, we combine insights from trends in big data with old fashioned, relationship-building — the “soft skills” that led many of us into the nonprofit sector in the first place.

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